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Trauma and Growth

Over the next two months, I will be speaking at various events about the benefits and personal growth associated with trauma.  Did I just say benefits, personal growth and trauma in the same sentence?  That might sound impossible or rare … Continue reading

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What will you do in your retirement?

Those who know me well know that I’m not a fan of Chinese food.  Chalk it up to brainwashing as a child or closed mindedness, but whatever the reason, there are only a few dishes that I can say I … Continue reading

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Who will we meet at the fork in the road?

We just never know where each fork in the road, each seemingly insignificant decision, is going to take us, nor all the great people we’re going to meet along the way. I’m not a great long-term planner—never have been—rather ironic … Continue reading

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When joy jumps out when we least expect it.

As my 8 year old and I sat on the couch this morning, me reading the Globe and him peering over my shoulder, it was an opportunity for some meaningful discussions. His attention was drawn by an article on bullying, … Continue reading

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When Christmas isn’t joyful.

A week or so ago I was running some errands, the final stop, to buy some wine for an upcoming dinner party.  In happy contemplation of a lovely evening to come, I was lost in pleasant thoughts trying to decide … Continue reading

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The Do’s and Don’ts.

When someone is grieving it’s very hard to know what to say or do. Feeling inadequate, powerless or uncomfortable is something I suspect most of us struggle with when faced with someone else’s grief. Here are some tips. I realize … Continue reading

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Try to reach out.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to reach out to anyone who had lost a child to murder (primarily) and also to those who were also struggling with the aftermath of losing someone.  Thank goodness … Continue reading

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