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The Magic of Christmas

There are so many things I could write about today especially considering recent events, but now is not the right time. Today is a day to muster up the strength for tomorrow and then more so for the New Year. … Continue reading

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A beautiful gift.

Earlier this week we found out that we may be returning to court tentatively on December 22nd.   Melissa Todorovic is applying to stay in the youth facility rather than going to an adult facility when she turns 20 next month. … Continue reading

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When Christmas isn’t joyful.

A week or so ago I was running some errands, the final stop, to buy some wine for an upcoming dinner party.  In happy contemplation of a lovely evening to come, I was lost in pleasant thoughts trying to decide … Continue reading

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The Do’s and Don’ts.

When someone is grieving it’s very hard to know what to say or do. Feeling inadequate, powerless or uncomfortable is something I suspect most of us struggle with when faced with someone else’s grief. Here are some tips. I realize … Continue reading

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Grief’s gifts

There is a kind of shattering that happens with the death of a child, particularly a violent one.  Aside from a heart left in a million pieces, you lose a sense of who you are or what life is all … Continue reading

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How many different people are you?

I had the chance to have an enlightening, albeit short, conversation with a girlfriend of mine who commented on my blog a few days ago. She made an interesting point in that when I write about the raw emotion of … Continue reading

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Facing Our Fears.

One of my ex-partners (work, not life) came by my place a few months after Stefanie’s death even though he felt uncomfortable. I did everything I could to put him at ease but I still feel badly about that day … Continue reading

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Don’t miss the chance while you have it.

I was reading a post from a parent in one of the yahoo groups I belong to and a mum was upset because her daughter has hit the ever dreaded teenage years and she is not enjoying the push/pull, love/hate … Continue reading

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We can probably all remember exactly where we were when the planes hit the twin towers on September 11th, 2001. We felt a collective sadness and disbelief at the images we saw on television and the pain we knew people … Continue reading

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