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Time for a confession

The day after Stefanie died, I remember walking around the house wanting to smash my head against the wall, run as fast as I could, scream and have a tantrum on the floor.  I walked around expelling energy with my … Continue reading

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Recovering from Grief

I’ve always loved my brother, and sometimes his bluntness makes me love him all the more.  Yesterday at breakfast, he professed that never in a million years could he ever be married to me.   In all honesty I wasn’t the … Continue reading

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The Magic of Christmas

There are so many things I could write about today especially considering recent events, but now is not the right time. Today is a day to muster up the strength for tomorrow and then more so for the New Year. … Continue reading

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A beautiful gift.

Earlier this week we found out that we may be returning to court tentatively on December 22nd.   Melissa Todorovic is applying to stay in the youth facility rather than going to an adult facility when she turns 20 next month. … Continue reading

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Adoption vs. Biological Children

I wrote this article while waiting to adopt Elena in the hopes that it would reach those who might be struggling with the decision of if adoption was right for them.   During our PRIDE course we heard many stories from … Continue reading

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Teen suicide has been in the news a lot lately and has touched our lives personally this past week.   Studies show that almost every person thinks about suicide some time in their lives.  It might only be in passing, and … Continue reading

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The affects of violence.

“I admire your strength. I’m still bitter and angry after all these years and not a holiday season will go by in my lifetime without me thinking about your daughter and Jane Creba and all of the other innocents whose … Continue reading

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Grief’s gifts

There is a kind of shattering that happens with the death of a child, particularly a violent one.  Aside from a heart left in a million pieces, you lose a sense of who you are or what life is all … Continue reading

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Laughter – Natures Secret Weapon.

Ever had those days when you just don’t want to feel happy? Somehow enjoying the misery, low energy, and bitterness? When it requires too much energy and is too much work to even want to be joyful? When life is … Continue reading

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