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What will you do in your retirement?

Those who know me well know that I’m not a fan of Chinese food.  Chalk it up to brainwashing as a child or closed mindedness, but whatever the reason, there are only a few dishes that I can say I … Continue reading

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The Question of Easter

Someone said to me yesterday “if you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, I’ve got some property in Florida I want to sell you”. After Stefanie died, as I mentioned before, I was less than impressed with God.  At … Continue reading

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Patrick Strikes Again

Once again, Patrick, now six years old, blows my socks off. After dinner tonight, I took just him out to ride his bike up and down the street.  At 8pm the girls were in bed and although it was still … Continue reading

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An Important Reminder

Yesterday, a co-worker and friend of mine posted the following message on his Face Book page.  It is heartfelt living proof that we must slow down and take the time to appreciate those who are most important to us.  Too … Continue reading

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Time for a confession

The day after Stefanie died, I remember walking around the house wanting to smash my head against the wall, run as fast as I could, scream and have a tantrum on the floor.  I walked around expelling energy with my … Continue reading

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Who will we meet at the fork in the road?

We just never know where each fork in the road, each seemingly insignificant decision, is going to take us, nor all the great people we’re going to meet along the way. I’m not a great long-term planner—never have been—rather ironic … Continue reading

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The Ties that Bind.

Often, losing someone can make us stop and appreciate those who remain and many times those relationships become enriched.  This isn’t true in all cases, but for the most part, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to make … Continue reading

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