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No Such Thing as Closure

I often wonder who the “expert” was who invented the concept of “closure”.  I’m sure whoever it was had never had a loss any greater than a toenail. Of course, it sounds like a great concept, an end to our … Continue reading

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Recovering from Grief

I’ve always loved my brother, and sometimes his bluntness makes me love him all the more.  Yesterday at breakfast, he professed that never in a million years could he ever be married to me.   In all honesty I wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Another New Year’s..uggggg

Father Time is a slippery fellow.  It seems that no matter what, we’re either wishing time would speed up or slow down and what we get is the exact opposite.  It brings hope and dread, anxiety and joy and it … Continue reading

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Adoption vs. Biological Children

I wrote this article while waiting to adopt Elena in the hopes that it would reach those who might be struggling with the decision of if adoption was right for them.   During our PRIDE course we heard many stories from … Continue reading

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Teen suicide has been in the news a lot lately and has touched our lives personally this past week.   Studies show that almost every person thinks about suicide some time in their lives.  It might only be in passing, and … Continue reading

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The Do’s and Don’ts.

When someone is grieving it’s very hard to know what to say or do. Feeling inadequate, powerless or uncomfortable is something I suspect most of us struggle with when faced with someone else’s grief. Here are some tips. I realize … Continue reading

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The Joy of Silence

I returned home yesterday after some time away to do some writing and it was probably the first time, in almost 4 years, that I was alone with Stefanie. One of the things I did as a survival technique was … Continue reading

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How many different people are you?

I had the chance to have an enlightening, albeit short, conversation with a girlfriend of mine who commented on my blog a few days ago. She made an interesting point in that when I write about the raw emotion of … Continue reading

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What losing your child to murder leaves in its wake.

Fear, insecurity, anxiety, trepidation, nervousness etc… Yesterday I had the good fortune to have a day for myself. My mother wanted to have Grace (3) for a special day with “grandma” which meant after I dropped her off, I was … Continue reading

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When is the right time to forgive?

There was an article in the Globe and Mail titled “A mother’s story: Her love never stopped” written by Gary Mason.  It wasn’t what I expected because it was about the mother of the male accused of kidnapping a 3 … Continue reading

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