Paying it forward.

…Any one else feeling a bit overwhelmed by recent events? For those of us in Toronto and the surrounding area, the horrible shooting in Scarborough and the shooting in Colorado were both so unfathomable.

I have heard countless opinions on what “they” should do about all the underlying problems of both incidents.  As Canadians, it’s very easy to sit in judgment of the gun culture of the United States, until we have a senseless shooting of our own. Then when it’s time to look in the mirror, everyone has an opinion and looks for somewhere to place the blame, expecting “them” to fix it.

Personally, I don’t feel there’s much I can do as an individual.  I’m not “them” and I can’t see myself convincing an entire country to kick the gun habit, nor moving my family into social housing and expecting James to be the surrogate father to countless fatherless souls.  It’s not going to happen and I’m fairly certain the majority of people feel the same way.  So what’s left?

For what it’s worth, here’s what I believe, take it or leave it.

The only people we have any control over is ourselves.

Now here comes the “woo hooey” stuff (as my navy seal buddy calls it).

Everything on this earth, right down to the molecular level is vibrating.  A simple example is how every sound we hear is just a different vibration.  We are like giant magnets and we attract to ourselves that which has a matching vibration.

Every time we do something good, a random act of kindness, speak a kind word, give a shoulder to cry on or lend a helping hand, we are planting seeds.   Regardless of where we do this, they spread.  Some fly great distances and then can grow roots in another community, another city, another country.   “Paying it forward” is exactly right, to spread kindness, knowing that it will grow.  Some times, the ground is too hard, too dry or too burnt and it seems like nothing good could ever grow but if we’re persistent, it always does.

When we think of others first, we feel good about ourselves and so does the other person.  They feel valued because someone has taken the time to really see them and understand their needs.   The better people feel about themselves, the higher their emotional vibration.   Then once their vibrations rise, they begin to find themselves surrounded by more positive people—like attracting like, so to speak.

Conversely, we all know people who are addicted to drama.  No matter what they do, it’s always one crisis after another happening to them.  Their moods are constantly negative and they aren’t much fun to be around.  Hence the expression… “s**t magnet”.   This is a negative example of like attracting like and one that I think most people can relate to a lot more easily.

However, if we create a world of positive energy, of a higher vibration, then it can grow, spread and eventually get to those who need it most.

Some of us learned this at church, temple, synagogue, mosque or whatever name is given to our place of worship.  Others have learned it through studying “The Law of Attraction” and some, a combination of both.  Regardless, it doesn’t matter what name we give it, it’s the extension of “the golden rule” which is to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Until someone comes up with a concrete way that I can directly help fix the problems found in social housing or rid the world of guns, this is the best way I know to effect change and help others a little at a time

Imagine if everyone lived this way.  Would we still have all these problems?

Click here for a link to “21 pictures that will restore you faith in humanity” posted on “Facebook” this morning by my amazing girlfriend, Debra Morrison.   See if you don’t feel better after you watch it and, maybe, just a little inspired to do the same thing.

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