I need your help—please! We want to stop a TV show that NBC Universal is trying to make about Stefanie’s story, and I’m hoping that if no one cooperates, they will decide to cancel.

NBC Universal will be producing a new TV reality show called “Teen Killers”, or something to that effect.  They have chosen to profile Stefanie’s story and have refused to cancel even after I begged them to respect our wishes.

My feelings are that it cheapens her life and all she suffered, for ratings and profit.  The re-enactment of her death, should any of her siblings see it, now or in re-runs, would be more than upsetting.

Canal D in Quebec, produced something similar that aired Sept 7th of this year. They have just sent me a copy in the mail, which I received yesterday.   None of the people interviewed asked us how we would feel if they participated and I can only thank God that it has a limited viewership in Quebec and is in the French language. I hope that none of our children ever see it. It will haunt my nightmares for some time.

I implore each and every one of you to pass the word around so that NBC is unable to find anyone else willing to participate, leaving the network no choice but to cancel.

If NBC was willing to do a special on the good that has come out of such inexplicable evil, to highlight the many acts of kindness and support of loved ones, friends and even total strangers, if they would spotlight the amazing people Ian and his younger siblings have become as a result of this tragedy, and if they would focus on how it is possible for those who have been devastated by such a loss and survived, to reach out to others who are suffering with the assurance that one day, they, too, will find happiness again, then I would support them whole-heartedly. Sadly, the sensational draws the viewers, and this is NOT their focus.

I am sorry to ask, again, for your support, but this is truly very important to us.

Yours in gratitude,



If you want to help, please write to the producer who has refused to cancel the show.
Egenel Pierre
NBC Universal–E! Network
Associate Producer

If that is too much to ask, I have posted a message on the NBC facebook page asking them to stop the production of Stefanie’s story. If there is anyone out there who feels comfortable, perhaps “liking” my post or adding a comment or two, couldn’t hurt.

I want to thank everyone for their support. I don’t want this sent to any news media (i.e. Toronto Star) yet. The idea is to minimize the media – although I know eventually I may have to resort to that – but rather by simply and quietly not participating in the production, they will move to another story where the family wants to participate.
Thanks again,


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