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Giving Thanks

Some people say “Grace” at dinner and others don’t.  In our house, we try to have the kids review their day and give thanks for one thing.  That may sound sweet or adorable, but rarely is it peaceful or angelic.  … Continue reading

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How can we help?

Is there anyone who isn’t looking for answers to the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut?   …Anyone who hasn’t wondered what would possess someone to slash kindergarten-aged children in the ears and face with a knife in central China?  These types … Continue reading

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Things we all say.

Ever seen something on the news and said “Man oh man, if I could get my hands on that guy, I’d…?” Did it make you feel better…give you a sense of control?  Did it, perhaps, make you feel less vulnerable? … Continue reading

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Positive Ticketing

Who among us enjoys being pulled over by a police officer? I certainly don’t, and I am one. For most of us, our interaction with the police is limited to receiving a ticket (or two) or perhaps being the victims … Continue reading

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Stop Others From Bringing You Down

Ever heard of “mirror neurons”? These little gremlins have been discovered by neuroscientists over the past decade and are proof that our brains are wired to relate to other people. Through every interaction with someone else, a neural bridge is … Continue reading

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When Words Hurt

When Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, was growing up in South Africa in the 1940’s, he experienced extreme racism and violence.  He was beaten up by white kids because he was black and by black kids because he was brown … Continue reading

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For Something a Little Lighter

One of my former classmates has embarked on an amazing adventure with a buddy of his cycling from Canada to Mexico along the west coast. He has begun blogging about his adventures as he reconnects with his bicycle seat and … Continue reading

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Stop “shoulding” on yourself!

After over a month of fighting with NBC, and “winning”, the wind has left my sails and I’m exhausted.  I keep thinking, “I SHOULD do A” or “I SHOULD be doing B”, and of course, feeling guilty about it. The … Continue reading

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Thank you from my family to yours.

It would be impossible for me to thank everyone individually who supported us in our efforts to stop the NBC production of Stefanie’s story. I am so relieved and filled with pride at the end result, with so many small … Continue reading

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I need your help—please! We want to stop a TV show that NBC Universal is trying to make about Stefanie’s story, and I’m hoping that if no one cooperates, they will decide to cancel. NBC Universal will be producing a … Continue reading

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