For Something a Little Lighter

One of my former classmates has embarked on an amazing adventure with a buddy of his cycling from Canada to Mexico along the west coast.

He has begun blogging about his adventures as he reconnects with his bicycle seat and all the other challenges and rewards he encounters.

Dave is a retired Navy SEAL, a Grief Recovery Specialist and is currently developing a program for law enforcement and military personnel to help them deal with the after effects of war and urban violence.   Dave’s journey of recovery from grief began after the loss of some of his teammates and wanting to do something BIG to help others – and he will!

His journey is one of self-discovery and the resiliency of the human spirit, not only his own, but also of those he meets along the way, where generosity and warmth are the rule rather than the exception.

Dave is an excellent writer and a very funny man.  Check out his blog and see why it’s always good to camp when it’s still light out to avoid waking up and discovering that you’ve laid your head under a firing range.

These and more adventures can be found at:

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