A little more about Charity

This doesn’t have much to do with grief or rising above it, but it relates back to my last post, so I thought I might take some liberties and expand on it a bit. Before Stefanie’s death, I came to know about some injustices that were happening to a particular group of women and decided to fight them head on. Long story short, I was able to help quite a few ladies and they have now become part of my extended family.

My nanny Lilibeth had a daughter at home in the Philippines and after Stefanie’s death wanted desperately to visit her. Who could blame her? But she was very concerned about leaving me with the kids on my own during such a difficult time. I insisted that she go, assuring her that I would be fine as my family was all close by. Unbeknownst to me, the women I had helped, arranged amongst themselves to change their days off so that not a single day went by that at least one (sometimes two) came to my home to help me with whatever I might need. They would never take a penny and Lilibeth was gone for 7 weeks. I can’t imagine logistically how they managed it but I will be eternally grateful. (No doubt Lilibeth was the main conspirator)

The reason I tell this story is because for me it’s just more proof that when we give of ourselves, we get more in return.

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