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Finding the positive.

There is someone in my life who is struggling with some fairly serious employment issues.  She had the presence of mind to send me a message knowing that I’m at home with four of my children who have strep throat … Continue reading

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Keeping our thoughts in the present.

Before leaving for a week-long cruise, my mother suggested that it would provide much fodder for this blog.  Little did I know how much more the “power of now” would be reinforced. I truly do understand how people who are … Continue reading

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The Power of Now

Today is one of the hardest days of the year for us.  We wake up with a weight on our chests that regardless of what we do, just won’t budge. I’m no neuroscientist but here is my analogy of how … Continue reading

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When joy jumps out when we least expect it.

As my 8 year old and I sat on the couch this morning, me reading the Globe and him peering over my shoulder, it was an opportunity for some meaningful discussions. His attention was drawn by an article on bullying, … Continue reading

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The Grace of Gratitude

The “honour killings” of four women (the youngest 13 years old)  in 2009 was what began a conversation about gratitude with a girlfriend of mine last night.  The reality that we, with all the dysfunction that is family life, never … Continue reading

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Being Positive (part 2)

This comment from “Being Positive” is fantastic: I’ve been thinking more about this post, Patricia, in conjunction with learning about the weekend death from cancer of someone I knew slightly. There is an individual who worked hard to create problems … Continue reading

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Laughter – Natures Secret Weapon.

Ever had those days when you just don’t want to feel happy? Somehow enjoying the misery, low energy, and bitterness? When it requires too much energy and is too much work to even want to be joyful? When life is … Continue reading

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