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Stop Others From Bringing You Down

Ever heard of “mirror neurons”? These little gremlins have been discovered by neuroscientists over the past decade and are proof that our brains are wired to relate to other people. Through every interaction with someone else, a neural bridge is … Continue reading

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The power of the mind.

I had the distinct honour of participating in a teleconference with Dr. Bernie Siegel (www.berniesiegelmd.com) last night and was both impressed and inspired with his work.  A surgeon with 30 years experience and numerous books, including “Faith Hope and Healing” … Continue reading

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Try to reach out.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to reach out to anyone who had lost a child to murder (primarily) and also to those who were also struggling with the aftermath of losing someone.  Thank goodness … Continue reading

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Don’t miss the chance while you have it.

I was reading a post from a parent in one of the yahoo groups I belong to and a mum was upset because her daughter has hit the ever dreaded teenage years and she is not enjoying the push/pull, love/hate … Continue reading

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