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How will you cope through grief?

As we waited 3 long days for the jury to return with a decision of guilty or not guilty for Melissa Todorovic, we were, naturally, unhappy and stressed, yet there were many moments of levity.   I dare say there might … Continue reading

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For the greater good, could I do it?

After one month of marriage, the police arrive at her door.  Her husband had been charged with aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping and there was no mistake because he turned himself in.  She shouldn’t have been overly surprised, of course, … Continue reading

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Tougher crime legislation (Bill C-10)

As police officers, we are trained in many things related to crime and punishment, but what we don’t know much about is what happens after a conviction. I have had quite the education, of late, on our parole system, victim … Continue reading

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The Magic of Christmas

There are so many things I could write about today especially considering recent events, but now is not the right time. Today is a day to muster up the strength for tomorrow and then more so for the New Year. … Continue reading

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A beautiful gift.

Earlier this week we found out that we may be returning to court tentatively on December 22nd.   Melissa Todorovic is applying to stay in the youth facility rather than going to an adult facility when she turns 20 next month. … Continue reading

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The Best Defence Against Bullying

In the Globe and Mail yesterday there was an article “The Best Defence Against Bullying”, just one of many lately in the papers.  It was a bit different, with the focus on the bystanders rather than the victim or the … Continue reading

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Your children and death threats.

It was in doing some research on the internet that I came across an article written by a Toronto based lawyer, Gregory L. Chang, that spoke to some measures parents can take if their child receives a death threat – … Continue reading

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Defence tactics.

For those of you not aware of a case currently in the courts in Kingston, Ontario Canada, 3 people – husband, son and second wife – are on trial for the “honour killings” of the husband’s first wife and the … Continue reading

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