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Betrayal and Grief

So, I ask you, do we grieve when someone has betrayed us?  Think of a time when someone you trusted or believed in, turned against you.  It doesn’t have to be something as big as losing your job or marriage.  It … Continue reading

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That Bullet Goes Both Ways

A good friend of mine, a retired SEAL, has taught me many things.  I’m fairly certain that the majority of them haven’t been terribly profound, such as the intricacies of Californian language structure (i.e. ‘whew hew’ versus ‘woo woo’) but … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Some people say “Grace” at dinner and others don’t.  In our house, we try to have the kids review their day and give thanks for one thing.  That may sound sweet or adorable, but rarely is it peaceful or angelic.  … Continue reading

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Thank you from my family to yours.

It would be impossible for me to thank everyone individually who supported us in our efforts to stop the NBC production of Stefanie’s story. I am so relieved and filled with pride at the end result, with so many small … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as Closure

I often wonder who the “expert” was who invented the concept of “closure”.  I’m sure whoever it was had never had a loss any greater than a toenail. Of course, it sounds like a great concept, an end to our … Continue reading

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Feelings of Shame, Anger and Guilt

One of the first things I asked the Crown in charge of Stefanie’s case was, “Is there ANYTHING negative or embarrassing I need to know now about my daughter that could come out in the media?” I was so terrified … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Stef.

Today I watched a three minute talk on TED by a women, Stacey Kramer, that was very fitting for this weekend.  On Sunday, Stefanie would have turned nineteen. As usual, it’s, quite frankly, a crappy time when all the “if … Continue reading

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The Question of Easter

Someone said to me yesterday “if you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, I’ve got some property in Florida I want to sell you”. After Stefanie died, as I mentioned before, I was less than impressed with God.  At … Continue reading

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An Important Reminder

Yesterday, a co-worker and friend of mine posted the following message on his Face Book page.  It is heartfelt living proof that we must slow down and take the time to appreciate those who are most important to us.  Too … Continue reading

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Finding the positive.

There is someone in my life who is struggling with some fairly serious employment issues.  She had the presence of mind to send me a message knowing that I’m at home with four of my children who have strep throat … Continue reading

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