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How can we help?

Is there anyone who isn’t looking for answers to the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut?   …Anyone who hasn’t wondered what would possess someone to slash kindergarten-aged children in the ears and face with a knife in central China?  These types … Continue reading

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Tori Stafford

In her article of May 11th, about the Tori Stafford verdict, Christie Blatchford writes: “To borrow from the imitable Canadian lyricist and singer Leonard Cohen, it may have been a cold and broken Hallelujah, but it was a Hallelujah nonetheless”. … Continue reading

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The Media and Tori Stafford

If you live in Canada, you’re probably very aware that the trial for the abduction and murder of Tori Stafford has just started.  For those of you not in Canada, Tori was a beautiful Grade 3 student in April 2009 … Continue reading

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Will it ever end?

This morning at breakfast, Patrick (6), who was only two when his sister was killed, reminded me, in the most innocent of ways, that he is still hurting and that his sister is at the forefront of his thoughts much … Continue reading

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Time for a confession

The day after Stefanie died, I remember walking around the house wanting to smash my head against the wall, run as fast as I could, scream and have a tantrum on the floor.  I walked around expelling energy with my … Continue reading

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When you don’t know what to do or say.

During the first few weeks, and for months after Stefanie’s death, we noticed that as hard as it was for us, it was also very difficult for anyone we knew.  All but a few people were at a loss for … Continue reading

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The Power of Now

Today is one of the hardest days of the year for us.  We wake up with a weight on our chests that regardless of what we do, just won’t budge. I’m no neuroscientist but here is my analogy of how … Continue reading

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The Magic of Christmas

There are so many things I could write about today especially considering recent events, but now is not the right time. Today is a day to muster up the strength for tomorrow and then more so for the New Year. … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

What do we feel on Remembrance Day?  Gratitude – primarily, sadness – definitely, respect- without doubt, anger – maybe, frustration – probably,  but does forgiveness enter into it at all? This day has always held such meaning for me.  We … Continue reading

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The affects of violence.

“I admire your strength. I’m still bitter and angry after all these years and not a holiday season will go by in my lifetime without me thinking about your daughter and Jane Creba and all of the other innocents whose … Continue reading

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