Laughter – Natures Secret Weapon.

Ever had those days when you just don’t want to feel happy? Somehow enjoying the misery, low energy, and bitterness? When it requires too much energy and is too much work to even want to be joyful?

When life is really getting us down, how do we shift our mood, especially when we don’t want to?

The other day I was having a discussion with my mother about a friend of hers who is struggling with a debilitating disease and was rather low-key during their visit. Near the end of the day something silly “the men” were saying started them laughing (a private joke to be sure). This beautiful woman, with all her troubles, laughed a deep down belly laugh, and when she and my mother had finally composed themselves, she was a different person. Her demeanor had improved, her smile brightened, her eyes lit up and the weight lifted slightly. My mother was so pleased to see laughter work its magic.

The last thing I feel like is laughing when I’m having a very sad day. Somehow I feel annoyed at others who want to cheer me up, I just want to wallow in self-pity and stay in bed.

Well, with 5 kids I never get to stay in bed (or nap on the couch) but I do have a responsibility to snap myself out if it and carry on. For me, a montage of videos where people are crashing into each other , falling off things or just generally getting hurt (minor injuries of course) cracks me up – like the show America’s Home Videos. So, I “google” funny videos and watch them with the kids. Little by little the fog lifts and I can feel positive again, at least enough to get moving and doing the things I need to do.

Again, it’s shifting our perspective and allowing us to see things more realistically. It lifts what’s weighing us down for long enough to find some relief.

Laughter gives us distance, psychologically, from our troubles which lessens the sense of being overwhelmed.

Find something to laugh at, as often as possible, it’s good for the soul!

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