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Yesterday, a co-worker and friend of mine posted the following message on his Face Book page.  It is heartfelt living proof that we must slow down and take the time to appreciate those who are most important to us.  Too often we take each other for granted, something I know I’ll never do again.  Why it takes the loss or near loss of a loved one to bring this reality home, I don’t know.   For some of us, it’s too late to fix the past, but we can all make a choice to not commit the same mistakes going forward.   Life can change in a heart beat, please don’t waste a minute of it.

Seven days ago I caught an emergency flight to Texas with my brother and my girlfriend after learning my dad was rushed to the hospital and was very Ill.

Soon I learned my dad was suffering from sepsis, pneumonia and failing kidneys. The worst part was that he had also been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Four highly respected and experienced doctors advised us that dad had a large tumor on his right lung, 14cm x 6cm. As a result of his poor health and the size and location of the mass, along with a few other factors, the cancer was described to us as terminal, giving dad no more than three months to live.

The worst moment of my life was sitting around my dad while my sister, a nurse at the same hospital, advised my dad that he was very sick and doctors were unable to help him.

We all tried to be strong for our dad and over the next couple of days we all had our time with him and talked about old times and laughed at many stories.

Dad agreed to radiation treatments to prolong his life and as a result had one last biopsy of the mass.

Miraculously the tests showed no cancer (one in a million) and because dad’s health was getting better, they were able to operate today. This afternoon doctors removed a portion of dad’s right lung, all of the abscess and some lymph nodes. It looks like he may be ok.

From the worst days of my life, to the best, in a week. Crazy.

We came really close to losing our father. I know others aren’t so lucky and have lost family members and close friends. We were very lucky.
I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support, messages and prayers during this near tragedy.

Please treasure your time with your family, friends and loved ones. You never know what’s around the corner.

Thank you “T” for allowing me to share your thoughts.  I know your father is a lucky man to have you in his life, as you are to have him.  Cherish the time you have.

Live each day as if it were your last, and never hesitate to show how much you care.



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