Why I can’t get my act together to write a blog entry.

Ever wonder what a day is for a mother of 5? Today (a rarity) I got to sleep in until 8 a.m., although it wasn’t a real sleep as it was constantly interrupted by loud noises or arguments between the kids (I don’t think my bedroom door was ever closed properly).  James dished out left over blueberry oatmeal for breakfast and we all endured Elena’s never ending crying.

8 a.m. wake up – quick cup of coffee

–       time to comb the nits out of Grace’s hair (she got lice from school) – almost 1 hour ordeal with excessive drama

–       hurry and get everyone else ready to take Ian to the Go-train to visit his dad for the weekend

–       stop off and get hot chocolate for James because he was stuck at soccer tryouts for 2 hours in 5 degree weather

–       spend 1 hour in freezing cold in a park with wet climbers

–       come home to get lunch for the two girls

–       endure Elena’s screaming every time I was 2 ft away from her

–       unload the dishwasher while girls ate

–       once lunch done, clean up, wash the floor around the table

–       put the girls to bed

–       chop up fresh tomatoes and stew them for later

–       clean up the kitchen

Boys now home with James from the park

–       make grilled cheese and apples for the boys and James, (an apple for me with some aged cheddar)

–       clean up after the boys, sweep the floor, finish my apple

–       go to grocery store to buy ingredients for church function tomorrow

–       home in time to receive two friends who were playing for the afternoon with the boys

–       make 2 loaves of salmon sandwiches, clean up kitchen (again), wash out the food processor etc…

–       girls now awake from their nap, give them a bottle and dress them for the freezing cold and put one in stroller

–       take both girls for a walk to drop off sandwiches at church

–       home and make snacks for the boys and then a bigger clean up, sweep and wash the floor again around the table,

–       now almost 5pm.

–       prepare food for Elena to eat while I take the boys friends home

–       James still painting the ceiling downstairs (for 5 hours – not fun either although I would have changed places in a millisecond)

Time to prepare dinner for the family – thank goodness I had leftover lasagna I made a few days ago – reheated with some French stick and all was well.  There wasn’t enough for me so I had a couple pieces of bread after I drove the two friends home.

In between all this insanity I tried to follow an email thread about hair issues and children with albinism and a tried to find an old contract for a client of mine.

Lucky for me, Lilibeth came by after dinner and helped clean up and finish the laundry – I would be lost without her.

After Stefanie died I did my best to fill every possible second of my life so that I didn’t have time to think.  I certainly succeeded in that goal!

Can’t wait until the girls are a little more self-sufficient  – things are going to be so much better next year when they are just a bit older.  I, on the other hand, will age about 10 years in the same time.

Your feel good moment for today is that you probably had time to sit down!  Here’s to Monday!

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