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  1. Marianne says:

    Dear Patricia,

    I have just written NBC to beg them not to air Stephanie’s story. I find it immeasurably cruel to do so against your wishes. Obviously, since they have not yielded to your request, this is more about profit. I read about NBC’s decision on the Toronto Star and I am horrified. Best of luck on your healing journey, and I hope NBC finds it in their hearts to not reopen your pain.

  2. Vicki Mae Brookes says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I have been reading your blog off and on today (shshshshsh! when I was supposed to be working) and I wanted to write you. Patricia, Stephanie was the most beautiful person (next to my Shannon) that I have ever met. As a matter of fact, as Shannon has now turned 14 and entered a school of the arts, I often tick off the similarities between the two girls. Kind, caring, feisty, artistic, talented, beautiful old souls with so many special gifts. I’ll never, ever forget how your Stefanie took Shannon under her wing and invited her up to her bedroom. All I heard the entire way home was, “Mom, do you know there’s a piano up there?” Such an impression Stefanie made on Shannon! Patricia, Stefanie’s spirit lives on in so many ways. For those who didn’t know her well and for those who did. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you and your family and especially recently with the news in the Globe and the Star. Patricia, you are a role model of strength for me. I remember saying that to you when we first met. Even though I’ve easily got a good 10 years on you, (okay, maybe 15 but I’m trying to be kind to myself) I’ve always been so impressed, intimidated and overwhelmed by your maternal capabilities and your strength. As I watch my own beautiful daughter grow (almost 6 feet) and mature (well, sometimes) I always think of Stefanie. She will be in my heart forever, Patricia.

    • patriciahung says:

      Vicki, thank you so much for remembering Stefanie. It means so much to me that she is not forgotten. You are far too kind in your comments about me personally, as I think you’ve done an incredible job with Shannon. As mothers we have to stick together and support each other and I truly appreciate all your kindness right from the beginning until now.
      Thank you.

  3. Cynthia Chan says:

    Hi Patricia, I heard about NBC and thing is I want to help as much as I can, with your permission I wish to make a petition for NBC and E! Special, as well as other companies who want to air the segment of Stefanie…
    Most of the time I think of her in my memories… Most of the time I think of you and your family and how much you have been through, especially Ian, and sometimes I want to make sure you and your family are fine. I always want to talk to you and your family, but sometimes I get afraid of talking or contacting you because I feel that if I do, all I would do is just remind you of Stefanie. And that is the least I want to do is to cause you pain.

    I think of her everyday, and I just want to help as much as I can.
    Then again I am sorry if I cause you pain, I just want you and your family to know is I still care.

    • patriciahung says:

      Hi Cynthia, thank you so much. We already “beat” NBC and they have backed down, but I appreciate your desire to help. We also want to talk to you. At least for us, we wish all her friends wouldn’t avoid us because we still care about you, just as we did her. Please send me an email with your number at Let’s talk!

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