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Positive Ticketing

Who among us enjoys being pulled over by a police officer? I certainly don’t, and I am one. For most of us, our interaction with the police is limited to receiving a ticket (or two) or perhaps being the victims … Continue reading

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Tori Stafford

In her article of May 11th, about the Tori Stafford verdict, Christie Blatchford writes: “To borrow from the imitable Canadian lyricist and singer Leonard Cohen, it may have been a cold and broken Hallelujah, but it was a Hallelujah nonetheless”. … Continue reading

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For the greater good, could I do it?

After one month of marriage, the police arrive at her door.  Her husband had been charged with aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping and there was no mistake because he turned himself in.  She shouldn’t have been overly surprised, of course, … Continue reading

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Tougher crime legislation (Bill C-10)

As police officers, we are trained in many things related to crime and punishment, but what we don’t know much about is what happens after a conviction. I have had quite the education, of late, on our parole system, victim … Continue reading

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Your children and death threats.

It was in doing some research on the internet that I came across an article written by a Toronto based lawyer, Gregory L. Chang, that spoke to some measures parents can take if their child receives a death threat – … Continue reading

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