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Tragedy and Humanity

Today is a day that as a city we grieve. I can’t imagine anyone who wasn’t touched, if not heartbroken by the news of little three-year-old Elijah. Dressed only in a light t-shirt, pull-ups and winter boots, in his beautiful … Continue reading

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Patience is not, perhaps, my strongest personality trait.  It might even be my weakest.  I always feel a bit sorry for our kids because they have known from their earliest years that when I want something done, I expect them … Continue reading

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A message for the holidays.

A short time ago I was asked to speak on ways to support those who grieve and on taking care of ourselves when life gets tough. Although I was speaking to a particular group, I would like to share it … Continue reading

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed to the point of distraction has been the dominant theme of life lately—and not just mine. As I speak to friends, family and co-workers, the weight of every day life seems to be increasingly heavy. With too many … Continue reading

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Annual “report cards” on inmates.

Last week I presented at a symposium for the Department of Justice and was honoured to be invited to be part of a forum with the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime.  What an amazing group of people! Frankly, I … Continue reading

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How can we help?

Is there anyone who isn’t looking for answers to the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut?   …Anyone who hasn’t wondered what would possess someone to slash kindergarten-aged children in the ears and face with a knife in central China?  These types … Continue reading

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I need your help—please! We want to stop a TV show that NBC Universal is trying to make about Stefanie’s story, and I’m hoping that if no one cooperates, they will decide to cancel. NBC Universal will be producing a … Continue reading

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Patrick Strikes Again

Once again, Patrick, now six years old, blows my socks off. After dinner tonight, I took just him out to ride his bike up and down the street.  At 8pm the girls were in bed and although it was still … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

Being the daughter of a bagpiper, it would stand to reason that the hymn Amazing Grace  would have found its way into my heart, and that would be true.  My favourite part is when the solo piper begins and then … Continue reading

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Time for a confession

The day after Stefanie died, I remember walking around the house wanting to smash my head against the wall, run as fast as I could, scream and have a tantrum on the floor.  I walked around expelling energy with my … Continue reading

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