Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh isn’t it?  But that might be the best advice I could give to help anyone to start moving past their emotional pain.  Now I’m not suggesting that it’s easy, not at all, it’s very hard work that comes a little at a time –  but it’s so worth the effort.

The name of the game here is to get relief – any way possible.  Relief from whatever it is that’s causing you to hurt.

Charity, and not necessarily in the form of money, can (and sometimes only for a millisecond) make you forget your pain.  It’s like a drug, one I’m a little ashamed I became addicted to, because charity (by definition I would think) shouldn’t be self serving.  But I wasn’t going to feel guilty about that too, so I just did whatever I could to survive.

Anytime I could, I would go out of my way – and sometimes very far out of my way – to do things for other people.  And in that instant when I knew, or witnessed their joy, it was like a hit of the best drug possible, relief.  Of course in the beginning, it was only a fleeting moment of relief, but it didn’t take long before I began to live for others, doing everything I could do to forget my own pain because I was so busy focusing on their needs.

Did I stop feeling sorry for myself? Yes.  When I focused on other people, I directed my energy from my own loss and onto someone else’s joy.

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