Patrick Strikes Again

Once again, Patrick, now six years old, blows my socks off.

After dinner tonight, I took just him out to ride his bike up and down the street.  At 8pm the girls were in bed and although it was still light enough to see, the moon was clearly visible behind the branches of a large tree in the neighbours yard.    The only other star visible was the North Star which Patrick noticed right away and asked if we could make a wish.

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight” we say together, closing our eyes and blowing our wishes towards the heavens.

I challenge him to tell me his wish but he won’t until I share mine (which will remain a secret).  He tells me his wish; “I wish I could do anything”.  What a great wish!!  I give him a huge hug laughing and say “what kind of wish is that Silly, you CAN do anything you put your mind to”.  I should have expected his response, but it caught me off guard when he said “then why can’t I bring Stefanie back to life?”.

CRAP! To think he’s been hoping he could wish that true.  What could I say as my heart broke – again?

I told him that it was a darn good thing that he has Stefanie helping him get all the things he wants in life and to trust that if he works really hard at whatever he wants, she’ll make sure it happens, so better she stay in heaven and watch out for him.

His response?  “Good thinking Mummy, that’s good for me, but what about you, don’t you miss her?”

At that point, I was no longer able to keep my tears at bay and he hugged me with as much strength as he had.  But the best part is, that as only a six year old little boy can, he decided to break the tension by farting in my face and laughing his head off.

What else could I do but laugh?  That kid cracks me up!  Six years old is the best – smart and silly, all wrapped up into one.

There truly is joy in the aftermath.

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