Grief coaching.

I heard a statistic last weekend that there are over 50 million people in the U.S. suffering from one type of loss or another including death and divorce.  If that number isn’t big enough, the cost of those losses to corporate America is $75 billion annually.  Wow! I would be interested in knowing what the stats are in Canada because although they won’t be as staggering, I’m sure the cost to business is astronomical.

I spent the weekend in California for a workshop that is part of the life coaching course I’m taking.  This particular course focuses on coaching people through grief and is unique to The Grief Coach Academy founded by Aurora Winter.

James and I researched different schools and decided that this one best fit the vision of our future.  If this is something you might be interested in, please feel free to send me a message via Facebook and I’d be happy to help anyone with more information.

But if you are currently grieving any loss and feel like you’re in a slump, they have fantastic coaches who can help you move from heartbreak to happiness in months rather than the average 5-8 years it can take.

At first look, life coaching felt “fluffy” to me – for lack of a better word.  All I could see were the meditations, spiritual mind treatments and breathing exercises.

Those who know me well, might understand how I, Mrs. No Nonsense, might struggle with that stuff.    Of course, being centered and focused on whatever it is we’re doing, is important, but I needed to know that it would work in the real world, not just southern California where it was lovely but has a reputation of superficiality.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d move there in a heartbeat, even carry a little dog in my purse if I had to, but it certainly isn’t my current reality.

Once I was able to wrap my head around the “fluffiness”, I came to see the intelligence and even sheer genius behind the program Aurora Winter has put together and why the “fluffiness” is important in helping us get out of our heads and into our hearts so we can heal.

There was one point where we had the pleasure of witnessing some genuine and heartfelt coaching by Aurora using one of the tools unique to the Grief Coach Academy and the magic of it all came shining through.

After Stefanie died, I went to a psychologist.  I’m not at all ashamed to admit she helped me deal with the PTSD I was suffering and gave me a safe place to be upset so that I could then go home and be a wife and a mother.

For some people, a psychologist is (a) not accessible or (b) even necessary.  They are trained to deal with mental illness, and grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss.  It might seem at the time that we’re losing our minds, but it’s a normal process.  A grief coach can help minimize the time one grieves just as effectively as a psychologist, or perhaps even better.

I would have been hard pressed to find a psychologist, grief coach or anyone for that matter who had experiences dealing with the aftermath of a homicide and the effects on the family.   If there is anyone in Canada, they certainly weren’t knocking down my door to offer their support.

It is my greatest wish, that soon, I can be that person for others with the tools and skills to help them through what I went through with greater ease and less suffering.

…funny how our worst possible nightmares can change the entire direction of our lives for the better.

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