Feeling Overwhelmed?

overwhelmedFeeling overwhelmed to the point of distraction has been the dominant theme of life lately—and not just mine. As I speak to friends, family and co-workers, the weight of every day life seems to be increasingly heavy.

With too many balls in the air one becomes lost in a sea of confusion and paralyzed to take action because there is no clear starting point.

I find that I spend most of my time thinking about all the things I need to complete rather than acknowledging the progress that I’ve made on so many fronts.

When I think about those “to do” items that remain on my endless list, I feel anxious and overwhelmed. But, when I take a few moments to make a mental list of everything that I’ve accomplished, the anxiety subsides and life doesn’t feel quite as overwhelming.

Dr. Tedeschi, who coined the term “Post Traumatic Growth”, says that one of the most important ways to promote healing after a traumatic event is to acknowledge one’s progress, regardless of how minimal.

It occurs to me that this is transferable to all areas of life, and it supports the theory referred to as the Law of Attraction, or, as my friend, who is much smarter than I, reminds me…the law of quantum physics.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, it is the belief that we attract things and circumstances into our lives that correspond with both our conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

We are all pure energy—body and mind—vibrating at difference frequencies. The basic premise is that like energy attracts like energy, so we attract into our lives anything with which we are a vibrational match—good or bad. This happens because we are already connected to everything energetically but we are physically unaware of this due to the limitations of our five senses when interpreting energy fields.

The trick is to become a vibrational match to what we need and desire by making it our dominant frequency, and we need to change our thoughts and beliefs if we’re going to change our dominant frequency.

The best way to become a vibrational match to something is to act as if we already are. Simply put, we need to focus our energy on the belief that whatever we want, we already have, and then we can attract whatever that is into our reality.

Sound like a bunch of nonsense?

You know those days when you stub your toe and then the rest of the day goes down hill from there and inevitably someone asks if something distasteful happened to your cornflakes that morning? You’ve become a vibrational match with negativity and that’s what the rest of your day brings.

Perhaps, instead, it’s a day when everything goes right, so much so that other people notice and tell you to go out and buy a lottery ticket. Once we start to see the world with this in mind, it becomes abundantly clear that it works.

When we acknowledge our successes, more success is bound to come—something similar to the old adage “nothing breeds success like success”. That’s why positive reinforcement is a power tool to combat feelings of anxiety and depression.

I have been busy with a full time job, five children, a part time business, learning to build a website in HTML code and creating and trade marking a tool for promoting resiliency, and those are the big things. What about all the little, less glamorous things like the dishes, the laundry, car maintenance, paying the bills, filing papers, getting the kids to all their sporting events, keeping a house running etc…. Everything we do in a day deserves celebrating.

What accomplishments have you made? Write them down, look at them and congratulate yourself. Then think about what you have left to do and see if you feel less overwhelmed.

Life moves at such a quick pace that it’s even more important to take the time to acknowledge our successes. This is paramount to overcoming a loss, but when we become overwhelmed we begin to lose the joy in life, and that is most tragic of all.

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5 Responses to Feeling Overwhelmed?

  1. Diane Burton says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on overwhelm. You are so right about taking time to list our accolades – I know it helps me see I have had accomplishments in my life. It also reminds me that since I had those accomplishments, I can accomplish what’s on the “to do” list – I realize I accomplished those other things while in my busy life – I can do it again!
    I love, appreciate and admire you, Patricia – what an amazing, caring, loving woman you are. Thank you for taking your mess and making it your message – you are blessing so many lives!

    • patriciahung says:

      Hey Diane, I love that “making my mess into my message”. Can I borrow that? Love you too my good friend from the south! (You know I can hear your accent when I read your posts!)

      • I am also struck in part by what Diane said about making our messes into our message – thank you for that.
        Thank you Patricia for your awesome reflections. Having gone through my own messes in life, I worked with a great therapist who introduced me to the Law of Attraction, acknowledging one’s progress and “acting as if”. At first I thought it was a little weird, but after a while I found myself doing a lot less “acting” and a lot more “being” – whatever it was – calm, feeling safe, being at peace etc.

        • patriciahung says:

          No doubt that’s why you ended up in my world with your amazing messages each week! You are the inspiration Cheryl-Lynn and I wish everyone would come and hear you speak! Thanks for sharing of yourself with all of us.

  2. David Saunders says:

    It makes perfect sense. You are on the right track.

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